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EMF Faraday Canopy



If you ever measure the EMF radiation levels in your house, you might be surprised by the reading values. Modern electronics in our homes have elevated this level to dangerous values in recent times. The cause of concern is that we sleep every night exposed to this radiation. Is there a solution to this? Do EMF bed canopies work

You can turn off the WiFi router at night and place your cellphones at a distance to lower EMF radiation near your bed. But in some cases, this doesn’t drop the levels within the recommended limits. It may be a good idea to use EMF protection canopies that are made of materials that shield against radiation. 

Does EMF shielding work?

The rising concern of health risks has compelled us to look for EMF radiation shielding materials. Metals like copper and aluminum have proved to be efficient in attenuating EMF waves. People often ask ‘Do EMF canopies work?’ Yes, they do work due to the metal they are made with.

These metals are now being used in creating EMF protection fabrics. The idea behind such fabrics is that they can be used as curtains or bed canopies to shield the insides from the EMF radiation. These can help shield the space where you spend the most time in. 

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What are EMF bed canopies? 

EMF bed canopies are similar to mosquito nets and can be placed over the bed to restrict the entry of EMF waves. This protects anyone on the bed from the exposure to radiation. Radiofrequency is the most common non-ionizing radiation at our homes. Specific types of protective canopies can block radio frequencies. 

These can shield us from the radiation emitted by cell towers and WiFi. If you have neighbors who use WiFi, you can sleep peacefully at night inside EMF bed canopies. These are made using breathable fabrics that is comfortable besides offering protection. 

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When do you need EMF protection fabrics?

The harmful effects of EMF radiation aren’t felt in a short time. It may take a while for symptoms to occur when you are exposed to radiation for a long period. This is why many people develop EMF sensitivity without knowing it. By the time they realize it, it’s already too late.

Radiation levels at homes may rise due to devices like Smart Meters, Smart TV, DECT, WiFi router, and also the external objects like cell towers and power lines. In apartments, neighbors WiFI or Smart Meter can expose you to radiation.

 You cannot ask them to turn off their WiFi devices at night. The best solution is to use some form of EMF shielding material to block the outside radiation. EMF covers can also be used to block EMF waves emitted by your smartphone or routers within the room. 

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High EMF radiation is a genuine problem for most people in the cities. With the advent of 5G, the need for some sort of EMF shield is only going to increase. Fortunately, there are fabrics available that can block EMF and can be used in a variety of ways inside our homes. 

But when you look for EMF protection fabrics, make sure that it blocks the particular type of electromagnetic field that you are most exposed to. Some fabrics only work against specific kinds of radiation.


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