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How Are Electromagnetic Waves Measured?

A number of technological gadgets that we use for our convenience emit invisible energy waves that could be detrimental to our health. These waves are combined with both electric and magnetic fields. With increasing EMF sensitivity among people, it becomes important to avoid overexposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Once measured, precautions can be taken to ensure protection against EMFs. There are numerous electromagnetic radiation detectors available on the market. But, how are electromagnetic waves measured? We shall discuss this in detail in this article. So, let’s get started.

What are Electromagnetic Waves?

There are two types of EMF radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation is high frequency while non-ionizing radiation is of low frequency and easy to measure. Non-ionizing radiation created by a combination of electric and magnetic fields is known as electromagnetic waves. These waves are transmitted wirelessly. 

Also, these waves form a part of wireless communications like wireless phones, Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth connections.These waves can be measured using EMF radiation detectors. But how are electromagnetic waves measured? Let’s help you find an answer to this question in our next section.

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How are Electromagnetic waves measured?

Electromagnetic waves are a combination of electric and magnetic parts. Hence, we are measuring the electromagnetic fields when we talk about measuring electromagnetic waves. Non-ionizing EMF radiation can be measured using an EMF meter. However, the radiations of high frequency cannot be detected using the same. For that, there are EMF radiation detectors like, Gaussometer available on the market.

The question remains the same: how are electromagnetic waves measured? Let’s make it simple for you. Electromagnetic field radiation is measured using handheld devices known as EMF meters. It can be expressed in the form of energy, wavelength or frequency. There are a number of ways to take EMF readings.

 Moving the devices continuously would not give very reliable results. Therefore, you can move along a building with an EMF meter to take real time readings. For your information, Wavelength is measured in meters and energy is measured in electron volts. The unit of measurement for EMF radiation is Volts per meter (V/m).

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Are Electromagnetic waves harmful to health?

Scientific researches support that exposure to electromagnetic waves for a long time can cause harmful effects. The EMF dangers are a great concern among people nowadays. Rapidly advancing tech contributes towards the same. Emf radiation symptoms include headache, nausea, lack of concentration, depression etc.

Nonetheless, we can always reduce exposure to possible EMF dangers by taking the necessary precautions. Avoiding use of wireless technology when not in use should be the first step. Moreover, increasing the distance of Wi-Fi routers from work spaces can also ensure protection against EMF.

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To conclude we can say that Electromagnetic waves can be measured conveniently with the EMF meters available on the market. While waves with high frequency require electromagnetic field detectors like Gaussometer .These readings can act as a guide as to what EMF danger levels are around your space. However, you can always use the assistance of the power line personnel in your local area for a better understanding.


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