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How Can I Protect My Home From 5G Radiation?

5G has rolled out in most parts of the world. But before you rejoice in the faster internet speed and better connectivity, you must realize that 5G uses a higher frequency of radio waves. These pose a significantly greater risk to our health than previous networks. This has caused many of us to ask ‘how can I protect my home from 5G radiation?’

You would need to protect your home from 5G signals. Due to the low range of millimeter waves, 5G would require more densely located cell towers to provide network access to everyone. In your homes, you can be exposed to high-frequency radio radiation. So, what’s the best way to protect the home from 5G?

EMF shields for your home

It’s not always possible to turn off the source of EMF radiation. You can switch off your WiFi but you can’t do anything about your neighbor’s WiFi. The signals it emits may still reach your place. There is really nothing you can do to stop cell towers near your location from sending EMF waves.  

However, the situation isn’t entirely hopeless. You can find EMF protection fabrics that can block 5G radiation. These fabrics come in a variety of forms to protect you in different ways. Some people prefer faraday canopy that looks like a mosquito net but can block EMF waves from entering your bed area. 

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For people with questions like, ‘how can I protect my home from 5G radiation?’ copper and aluminum built EMF shields seems to be the best answers. You can find metal meshes that can effectively block 5G radiation. These also come configured as a Faraday Cage, which means they can block both electric and magnetic radiation following the principle of a Faraday Cage. 

Will 5G increase radiation in your home?

5G rolled out just a few years back but it has reached most nations across the globe. From Asia to Europe, Africa, and the US, the new network is active in several countries. So, does it mean bad for our homes? 

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There are a few reasons why 5G would also impact people in their homes. Due to the use of low wavelength radio waves, 5G technology would need more towers to provide signals everywhere. This would mean a new cell tower for 5G might be installed near you. 

Also, to access faster internet, a 5G WiFi router would use high-frequency millimeter waves. In fact, all your smart devices that will connect to a 5G router would expose you to 5G radiation.

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5G radiation is definitely a problem but not without a solution. EMF shields can easily block RF waves, making it easier to stay radiation-free at our homes. With Faraday bed canopy, one can sleep peacefully without exposing the body to harmful EMF waves. EMF protection tools come in various types and forms to shield different parts of your houses. 

It’s best to take precautions and limit your exposure to EMF. Long term effects of radiation exposure are best avoided! With all these blocking materials, you don’t need to ensure 5G radiation. 


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